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Green to Graduate - A Journey to off-leash freedom with your dog. Success in under 30 days.

Do you want to teach your dog a bunch of useless words, or do you want to start living a life that feels like FREEDOM?

Are you ready for your dog to stop all the nonsense behaviors like zoomies around the house, jumping on guests and furniture, chewing up shoes, leash pulling, charging the front door, and relentless barking…

The list of terrible behaviors might feel endless for you right now… 

(492 Ratings), 2000+ Students

Last Updated: 11/2023

This course includes:

  • 26 Video Lessons

  • Key skills and drills

  • Bonus video resources

  • Access to weekly Q&A

  • The Transformation - What You Will Learn

  • Off-leash freedom with your dog in 4 weeks or less

  • How to get your dog to hear and obey commands. every time.

  • How to sit in a cafe or go through a store with your calm and obedient dog

  • How to make sure your dog behaves even when you aren't around

  • How to handle interaction with other dogs / animals / humans

  • How to read your dog's body language and how it reads yours!

  • Course Instruction by

    Jeff Gellman

    Jeff has rehabbed over 10,000 dogs in the past 20 years. He has conducted over 300 seminars in countries around the world. 

    Are you ready to achieve OFF LEASH FREEDOM with your dog?

    But this program is not your typical “dog training” approach.

    Anyone can teach a dog how to sit, down, and recall with a few pieces of kibble…that’s not what we do here. 

    But that’s not what we do here. Because half measures get you no where. 

    If you’re wanting to bring your dog literally everywhere, have trust in your dog and reliability when it TRULY counts…

    …like when your dog is in a dead sprint toward a squirrel in the road…

    Then we are going to show you how. And we’re going to do it together

    Green to Graduate isn’t just more basic information. It’s an experience. 

    It IS the transformation within your dog, and yourself, that you’ve been searching for. 

    Step into the experience of…


    Allow us to re-define your current meaning of “dog training” and change how you think and feel about leading, communicating, and understanding your dog on the deepest level possible. 

    Dog training that works when it counts - in public, in your home, in real life. This goes WAY beyond basic obedience

    This course breaks down our four stages of training from basic leash pressure all the way to off leash remote collar conditioning, and it covers all the troubleshooting processes in between. I show it ALL because I want you and your dog to WIN!

    Here is what some of our students have to say about the GtG Training:

    "Thank you thank you a hundred times for your videos. I have a loving but bratty 8mo old lab and I have started using your techniques. They are working. Started using an ecollar which I was hesitant on using until I watched your videos which put me at ease, especially since there is so much mis-information out there. To be honest I was dead set against it. Started with basic things like stealing shoes, counter surfing, and working on recall. I know it takes alot of practice and it is a work in progress but he is learning. I am so thankful to have found you.”

    "As I live in Switzerland I am not allowed to use prong collar or e collar. But the simple house drills, basics and training tips are brilliant.

    I used Jeff’s trainings on my 12 year old terrier who was already very well behaved but is now EVEN better, especially calmer.

    Plus, we got a 1.5 year old rescue dog a couple of weeks ago who knew absolutely nothing about house rules or anything else. Training 5-6 times a day with him - only for a few minutes each time - is giving us such great and fast results that even the dog trainers (@ compulsary dog school) can hardly believe!

    Thank you Jeff for sharing your knowledge in a very understandable way which makes it fun to follow and rewards with great results.”

    “Otis was days from being put down and your program and inspiration saved him, saved my boys and saved Lexie and her pup family Thank you Jeff and Joelle you help more people than you both may know

    We love you both madly”

    Sandee, Julie and Linda

    ^^^ all from following and applying some very BASIC principles we teach in GTG. Don't take our word for it, scroll down for more testimonials or view our "Wall of Love Results"  

    PSA: You don’t suck at training your dog…

    But let me ask you this:

    How long have you been dealing with the crappy behaviors your dog is displaying that brought you to this page in the first place? 

    Have you had feelings like…

    ‘“Now matter how much I try, I feel like I go nowhere with my dog.”

    “I feel hopeless, as so many trainers have already let me and my dog down.”

    “I can’t even have company over due to my dog’s behavior”

    “I’m the reason for my dog’s problems”

    “I’ve been training my dog for years, and yet something’s not sticking. I feel like a prisoner of my own home.”

    I could go on…

    And I’m sure it’s not from a lack of effort!

    In fact, I bet you’re exhausted from trying so hard. 

    ***I know you are, because my DMs are always full. YOU guys are telling me so!

    I have some news that might just change everything for you. 

    You aren’t “failing” your dog and you aren’t “lazy”.

    You’ve just been following the wrong advice for far too long.

    I’m certain nobody ever got a dog to one day wake up and say “I’m so glad my dog is destroying my life, and I get to waste thousands of dollars on training that doesn’t work.”

    Here's what's happening:

    Imagine walking into your home after a food shopping trip, and your child is drawing ALL over the walls. Permanent marker. You know this is definitely not acceptable behavior, so you ask your child to come help bring the groceries inside to pull them away from the destruction. You stopped them in the moment, but tomorrow? It’s the same thing. More walls marked up, more distractions, but it feels like groundhog day…again. You’re exhausting all your efforts to keep your kid from ruining your house, but you’re not changing anything. This is because you’re not actually addressing the real issue: the unwanted behavior. You’re simply grabbing your son/daughter’s attention for a brief moment. Unfortunately this happens A LOT with dog training, too. And it’s not your fault. No one told you that these methods don’t actually get to the core of the issue. In fact, you were probably told the opposite. 

    When you learn how to create a “self-aware” dog that WANTS to make good choices, everything changes for the better!

    And you’ll be able to do this easily, in under a few weeks’ time…without feeling like training the dog has taken over every aspect of your life. We’re talking an hour a day, if that. 

    This is for you IF...

    -your dog’s “training” is basically limited to your living room, in complete silence, with zero distractions…but you want your dog to be trained everywhere you go…

    -you don’t actually understand a lot of the dog training jargon out there. You just know you’re tired of it not working.

    -you don’t want to go another month, let alone another f#cking year trying to figure this out. 

    -you want freedom with your dog. You want to be at the farmers markets, the cafes, the beach and the hiking trails. You want more than the back yard for the both of you…but it feels so far out of reach right now. 

    Meet Your Instructor

    Hi, I’m Jeff Gellman, Owner of Solid K9 Training and Solid K9 Academy I’ve been training and rehabbing dogs for 20 years. Locally and around the world via seminars, board and train, and now, virtual courses. 

    I’m known for being “that guy” who works with dogs who are on their last chance. I turn NO dogs away for being “too badly behaved.” I have 10,000+ dogs trained under my belt, and that number is still growing. 

    I came from a place similar to you…I owned an out of control dog who was slowly ruining my life, and I wasn’t finding the help I so desperately needed. His name was Max, and he was large, powerful and had a lot of bad behaviors. He was making my life a living hell, and it felt like nobody could help me at all.

    Once I figured out how to flip my relationship with my problematic dog, I promised myself I would spread this knowledge to ANY dog owner who wanted to learn this stuff, too. 

    I’ve made it my life’s work to help as many people and dogs as possible live their BEST lives through simple, proper training. I don’t think people understand just how good things can be when you own a well behaved dog.

    And now it’s my mission to show you.

    I’m here to make dog training so much more than a few basic “tricks”…

    That’s probably why you have a dog that “knows" commands, yet they’re still misbehaving and making life HARD— you never were taught how to build a foundation with your dog that is strong enough to withstand whatever life throws at you, nor were you shown how to STOP unwanted behaviors in their tracks. 

    I get it, I know. 

    And I’m not here to teach your dog more words. I’m here to teach YOU how to become the leader your dog has always needed. 

    So you can feel FREE

    To enjoy your dog

    Have company over the house

    and take walks wherever your heart desires.

    Jeff Gellman

    This simple and easy-to-follow video series will get you on the path to better walks, better obedience, and a better lifestyle with your pet for the long run. You'll finally be able to live life with your dog exactly as you imagined, and the best part is, you'll be there in 4 weeks or less.

    -Jeff Gellman 

    Here’s what’s possible after a few sessions:

    “I've recently signed up for G2G because....wow.  Such great information presented with clarity and humor. Thank you SO much for being so generous with your knowledge and for providing a platform for others to acquire and/or refine their skills. I didn't want either course to end! Looking forward to learning more. Thank you Jeff and Joelle!”

    I know your struggle because I have been there myself, too.

    Whether you just got a dog and have no idea where to start, or you've been struggling for a while, you might have some common problems going on within the household. Does your dog run away, bolt through doors, not listen to anything you say? Do you even feel like there's no hope in sight?

    With my Green to Graduate Series you will learn how to:

  • Fully train your dog both on and off leash

  • Build YOUR confidence and skillset, so you can have the dog you’ve always wanted

  • Train and PROOF obedience for the real world

  • Integrate training into your every day life… AKA: downstays at the cafe, off leash runs along the beach, and your dog coming to the kid’s soccer games without the stress or anxiety you’re used to experiencing 

  • Make training feel less like “training” and more like an enjoyable journey 

  • Teach all commands RELIABLY on and off leash: sit, down, place, recall, and heel. Reliably meaning, your dog listens no matter WHAT is going on 

  • Public access work so your dog can go places with you

  • How to get your dog to ignore distractions like wildlife, other dogs, people, etc.

  • Our tried and true e collar conditioning program

  • Remove all conflict from training 

  • Set your dog up for success (and failure) and how to work through it

  • Create freedom and FUN with training

  • Create a lifestyle of training that meets both you and your dogs needs

  • Break through “selective listening” so it becomes a thing of the past 

  • How to teach your dog to be calm when you ask them to. Say goodbye to waiting hours for them to “settle down.” 

  • Understand and apply our 3 stages on Remote Collar Conditioning

  • Learn how to add in distance, duration and distractions with all commands

  • Train your dog up to off leash compliance

  • Achieve FREEDOM everywhere with your dog

  • Learn how to train our fundamentals: crate and leadership skills, heel, recall, sit, down, and place

  • Learn our tried and true marker training system

  • Learn how to troubleshoot while phasing out your leash and training in the REAL WORLD

  • I use this exact process with every dog I work with, and there’s a reason I have such a high success rate. 

    But more than that…

    I know that YOUR success is inevitable when you have a repeatable process to rely on, every step of the way. 

    Where could you be in a week?
    In a month?
    How good would it feel to have a dog that gets to be part of your daily routine and experiences. 

    Think about it now…

    What You Get

    With this course, you will receive my step-by-step video training on how to FULLY train your dog. It covers everything you need to know to create solid communication, commands that have meaning, and a truly better relationship with your pet. 

    I take you through our 4 stages of training, I break down body language, markers, shaping behaviors, distraction training, and SO much more. I show you in real time how I troubleshoot and help dogs get past their current blocks. The education that you receive in this series is something I have been crafting over the course of 20 years, and I'm so excited to share it with you. 

    Additional Bonuses from Jeff and Joelle!

    You'll also receive the following BONUS features

  • 30 days of free access to our private online dog training community.

  • My signature Walk the Walk course AND my LIVE Mastering the Walk Masterclass, both designed to help you PERFECT your dog’s on and off leash heel ($500 value

  • Resource Guide PDF that breaks down all 4 stages of our training curriculum so you can better understand the WHY and the HOW behind our methods. ($197 value)

  • Advanced Obedience and Public Access Training Course to help you further navigate the world once your dog is fully trained ($299 value)

  • -How to choose and fit a prong collar video -$50 value

  • -Proper Leash Handling Video -$50 value

  • -Resource Checklist PDF -$99 value

  • Total Value: $1,445

    Your Price: just $497!

    If you take action and use this program for even one hour a day, I can GUARANTEE you’ll see a dramatic difference in your dog’s behavior after your first training session. 

    I want you to be satisfied with your purchase, but I also want you to give your best effort and apply all of the modules in the course. If you’re not satisfied after implementing this program, please send notes regarding the content you consumed and a description of why this program isn’t working for you to [email protected] within 72 hours of purchase.

    FAQ - Am I in the right place? Can you really help me? etc

    I'm sure you've got questions. Here are the answers to many of the most common questions we get asked.

    What if my dog is to stubborn to train?

    A: EVERY dog of any breed can be trained. It just takes the proper methodology and leadership

    My dog doesn't listen to me

    A: Your dog will learn to take direction if you follow the protocols in the video series.

    What if my dog isn't food motivated?

    A: You do not have to use food for this training. It teaches how to motivate dogs without food, but we do include a "how to build food drive" video for free!

    What age does my dog need to be for this?

    A: Dogs 16 weeks and older can benefit from this training, In fact, I recommend you start them out with training sooner rather than later. 

    What if my dog has no prior training?

    A: Your dog can be totally "green" with zero leash skills and still make incredible progress with this course. Off-leash freedom IS within reach.

    How long will I have access to the course?

    A: You'll have lifetime access to the course. Once you purchase it, it's yours! Due to the digital nature of the course there are no refunds.

    Will my dog be able to go to crowded places / events with me?

    A: Your dog's capabilities lie in the work you put in. Dog training is a never-ending process and should be kept up with/improved upon throughout the life of the dog. The places you are able to take your dog depend entirely on how much effort you wish to put into training.

    Do I have to use a prong collar & remote collar?

    A: I am a huge advocate for remote collar training as it allows the safest and most reliable form of off leash communication with your dog. If you want to learn how we achieve off leash training, we do recommend both prong and E collars for this course. 

    Testimonials and Feedback

    Don't take our word for it. Take a look here or look at our testimonials at the link on the top of this page.

    -Kristen O

    "It's SO helpful! Nice to be able to rewind and replay certain tips. It's like having Jeff in my house!."

    -Michelle L

    "Started the videos and will recommend to my clients. So easy for them to understand! Thanks Jeff!" -

    -Sunshine T

    "Love how the dog makes mistakes and you guide him through the process. Nobody else shows that." -

    -Kelly A

    "Best purchase. A no-nonsense approach to training. Teaching me how to be a better teacher for the path I want my dog to follow."

    -Murph M

    "Fantastic. I'm having fun learning and you make it very clear/straight forward."

    -Tricia K

    "These courses are amazing! Now I have more things to really get my skills where they need to be to do better for my dogs. Thank you Jeff for taking the time to expand on content and help the masses!"

    Imagine where you could be just a month from now: off leash hiking with your dog, enjoying a coffee at a local shop with your dog lying calmly beside you. Your adventures are endless with a well trained dog. 

    When you sign up for my Green to Graduate Course, this CAN be a reality for you. There is an entirely different life waiting for you and your dog, and I can't wait to show you how good it can be. 20 years of tried and true training is waiting for you! Grab the course today, and get ready for a new way of living. 

    Raving Reviews

    Here's what other students are raving about the course

    "Our skills grew fast..."

    "You are amazing! I got your training program and I can now walk my dog who has high prey drive around squirrels and rabbits without getting my arm pulled out of its socket! She just walks by them. We need more trainers like you!" -Cindy and Roscoe

    Cindy and Roscoe

    "thank you!"

    "I was afraid to go out in public with my dog for years before taking this course. I would always have to put her in another room when guests came over and it was all barking and scratching. I'm crying with joy . I did the work like you said and it worked. Thank you . thank you. thank you"

    Sally P

    "Just what I needed."

    "Just got the Green to Graduate. Going through the videos and I love the breakdowns and CONSTANT reminders. Greatly appreciate all the work/time you and your crew put into making these videos for us, so we and our dogs can finally start to live outside of our bubble. Hugs for you and your wonderful staff!"

    Terry G

    Get Started Today!

    You owe it to yourself and you owe it to your dog. Get started today!

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