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Sign up today! We made our own private group to replace Patreon. Join us!

We made our own Patreon!

With censorship on the rise, it’s was becoming harder for dog owners and trainers to access the RIGHT information about how to train their dogs for the REAL WORLD. Until Now...

Watch this message from Jeff and Joelle on how this will benefit you in 2024 and beyond.

Monthly or Annual Membership includes:

  • Weekly Zoom Q and A

  • Exclusive content & training / coaching opportunities

  • Access to courses not available to non-members

  • A supportive, private group to learn the nuances of creating well-behaved dogs.

  • Watch this brief video of the sign up and on boarding process:

  • Sign Up Today!

    Bonuses announced: Join as an Annual Supporter and get Lifetime access to. 1: Green to Graduate, 2: Trick Training Course, 3: Troubleshooting Seminar for annual supporters.  

    We’re changing the rules, and making our OWN community. 

    You deserve to have a dog, business, and life you LOVE.

    The Solid K9 Community is the training and entrepreneurial education membership designed to help you refine your skills, find your confidence, and make dramatic changes in your dog + yourself.  

    Join our community to:

    Build your skillset as a dog trainer or dog owner

    Create the lifestyle you always envisioned, whether that’s off leash freedom with your dog or a thriving dog business (or both!) you will find the tools inside to help you succeed.

    Are you wanting MORE in your life? 

    More freedom with your dog

    More education

    More likeminded people around you

    More clientele

    More confidence

    That’s likely because you are meant to have a greater impact and fulfillment than you do right now…

    You’re meant to grow beyond where you are right now…Trust me, we get it! We’ve been in your shoes before. We’re Jeff and Joelle, the founders of Solid K9 Academy + The Community.

    This is our story: Less than 2 years ago, we were running a gigantic dog training business in Providence, RI. We had a 12,000 soft building, clientele from around the world, we were touring the world holding dog training seminars and sharing our knowledge from the last 20 years running a successful dog training business. 

    Solid K9 Training was THRIVING, but we couldn’t shake the feeling of “how do we help people who aren’t geographically able to work with us, without totally burning ourselves out?”

    We knew there were SO many people out there struggling with their dogs’ behaviors, and they just weren’t getting the help they needed, especially NOT online. Maybe you’ve been in that position yourself. We knew we were doing good work, 10,000+ dogs rehabbed and saved from re-homing/given to the shelter, but we could NOT shake the feeling that we could be doing MORE to help dogs and their owners. 

    So we took a leap of faith, we DOWNSIZED our physical company, and we put all our efforts into launching our first ever online course called Green to Graduate. It was everything we taught at Solid K9 wrapped up in one, easy to follow, step by step course. Dog owners around the world could now train their dogs the way we train, and it didn’t have to break the bank for our clients either! This one “little” course became our catalyst for creating an entire catalog of online resources for dog owners.


    Our courses are changing the industry and how we do business as whole. We are no longer burnt out stressing about how many dogs we can train in a month. Instead, our efforts are now poured into educating the masses through online education. We still operate a small boutique style board and train here in Florida, which we LOVE. We changed our definition of success the last few years, and it’s the best decision we ever made. 

    We promised you all that we would ALWAYS show and tell the truth behind our training, and that’s exactly what we are still doing to this day. 

    Two years after our first online course was launched, we have grown a following of over 200K motivated dog owners + trainers just like you! We continued to dream about creating a space for everyone to come together and grow TOGETHER. 

    And so, The Community was born!

    The Community is the place where you can come home to
    no matter WHAT stage of training or business you’re in:

    Just got a dog?

    Just starting your business?

    Have behavioral issues you can’t figure out?

    Want to grow your business and become a better marketer?

    We are sharing it ALL inside of The Community, because we truly want you to succeed. There is no gatekeeping here. When we rise up, we take you with us. Allow us to share ALL of our knowledge from the last 20 years of training dogs + growing businesses with you. 

    You deserve to life a life with your dog, your passions and your business that feels good to you. 

    Dog owners + dog trainers alike, we’re all here for the same reason:

    To help our dogs become the best they can be!

    Every friend made, mentor found, and business started within The Community is a step toward helping MORE people and creating MORE for yourself. 

    So, what’s inside?

    Monthly plan:  $37/ month:

    Access our Solid Foundations Training workshop you won’t find anywhere else but inside The Community

    Access the Masterclass Library with new and exclusive classes held each month 2 LIVE coaching calls with Jeff and Joelle every month Exclusive member benefits and discounts on select courses 

    Behind the scenes training workshops from our Board and Train Program here in Florida 

    Access to The Community chat where you can network and find your tribe within the community 

    Best Value: Annual Plan $367 ($30.58/month billed annually) Get everything on the monthly plan PLUS…Our best selling + signature Green to Graduate Program (worth $197) yours to KEEP Our content creation course for business owners ($127 value) yours to KEEP!

    Grand Opening Celebration Pricing

    Launch Price: $37/month

    Monthly Now CLOSED Will Re-open in 









    Annual Memberships Still Available!
  • You will be taken to offleash.solidk9training.com to complete your transaction

  • **P.S.: This is a Limited Time Pre-Launch Offer for early adaptors of the product at over 70% discounted price. As soon as the timer hits zero, the offer will expire and then you will have to pay the full price.

    NOTE: Patreon Members: You will receive an email with your own purchase link. Patreon members, please DO NOT sign up anywhere else but the link that comes in the email with the subject line: "Solid K9 Training: Special Instructions for Patreon Supporters"

    Don't take our word for it. Here is what other dog owners and trainers just like you have to say:

    FAQ - What is happening to Patreon members?

    Q: What if I’m an annual Patreon member?

    A: Send us a message through our Chat Button so we can make sure you’re credited appropriately. Update Nov 1, 2023: We are sending out a special email to patreon members to address this.

    Q: What’s happening to Patreon?

    A: Patreon will be ending on October 31, 2023. You can cancel your subscription there to avoid being billed in the future 

    Q: Will this community have the same info as Patreon?

    A: NO. it will be better! Imagine more long-format learning, more in depth coaching then before, and a playbook to follow in order to hit your goals. 

    Q: Will coaching calls be recorded?

    A: Yes! If you can’t make the calls, they’ll be recorded and archived so you can re-watch them whenever you want 

    Q: Can I cancel whenever?

    A: Yes, there is no contract

    Q: Will you raise the price once I become a member?
    A: We have a target price of $47 a month. BUT. You will be LOCKED IN at whatever rate you initially sign up for. 

    Q: Do I own any of the content?

    A: No, once you cancel the content goes away, unless you’re an annual member. Then you OWN perpeturl access to Green to Graduate and The Content Course 

    Q: How do I Join?

    A: Doors open November 1st! Get on the waitlist so you don’t miss out!

    Q: what if i don't own a business?

    A: you don't need do!! the community is for dog owners, trainers, and business owners. There are resources inside for everyone

    Q: what if my dog has zero training?

    A: perfect. let us show you where to start

    Testimonials and Feedback

    Don't take our word for it. Take a look here or look at our testimonials at the link on the top of this page.

    -Kristen O

    "It's SO helpful! Nice to be able to rewind and replay certain tips. It's like having Jeff in my house!"

    -Michelle L

    "Started the videos and will recommend to my clients. So easy for them to understand! Thanks Jeff!" -

    -Sunshine T

    "Love how the dog makes mistakes and you guide him through the process. Nobody else shows that." -

    -Kelly A

    "Best purchase. A no-nonsense approach to training. Teaching me how to be a better teacher for the path I want my dog to follow."

    -Murph M

    "Fantastic. I'm having fun learning and you make it very clear/straight forward."

    -Tricia K

    "These courses are amazing! Now I have more things to really get my skills where they need to be to do better for my dogs. Thank you Jeff for taking the time to expand on content and help the masses!"

    Raving Reviews

    Here's what other students are raving about the course

    "Our skills grew fast..."

    "You are amazing! I got your training program and I can now walk my dog who has high prey drive around squirrels and rabbits without getting my arm pulled out of its socket! She just walks by them. We need more trainers like you!" -Cindy and Roscoe

    Cindy and Roscoe

    "thank you!"

    "I was afraid to go out in public with my dog for years before taking this course. I would always have to put her in another room when guests came over and it was all barking and scratching. I'm crying with joy . I did the work like you said and it worked. Thank you . thank you. thank you"

    Sally P

    "Just what I needed."

    "Just got the Green to Graduate. Going through the videos and I love the breakdowns and CONSTANT reminders. Greatly appreciate all the work/time you and your crew put into making these videos for us, so we and our dogs can finally start to live outside of our bubble. Hugs for you and your wonderful staff!"

    Terry G

    I feel like this guy saves lives. I had a crazy black lab who lived in the woods on his own for 18 months. I 'rescued' him and gave him a good life. He pulled me all over. 100lbs strong dog. I took him to TWO obedience schools and no improvement. Jeff taught me how to use a prong collar. Amazing, immediate change. He passed away a few weeks ago, his final years were amazing. I was so proud to walk him. It was safe to go out with him. Thank you Jeff. Without your help he would have pulled me down in traffic, or i would have put him down because he was crazy. He lived another 8 years, but they were good years, with your guidance.

    Annie B


    I've had compliments from my neighbors about how much my dog has changed since implementing the skills I follow through Solid K9 Training. The skills you can learn from JUST the video content is amazing. If you just take the content and do basic drills with the crate, thresholds, and basic 180 maneuver, you will see a change in behavior in minutes. I took a nervous, anxious dog, and now he is more confident and listens better with all the structure I've put in place. What Jeff teaches doesn't just help the dog, it helps the owners understand and implement it every day without a trainer by your side. Thank you for all the content!

    Tricia C