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"Tech Support Takeover"
Seven Days to Sanity

Is Your Dog Making You Crazy…While Driving A Wedge Between You and Your Family?

Babyproof Your Dog… Reclaim Your Sanity.

Right now, you have a dog that is out of control, that is running your house, that is driving you crazy. Go from an out of control dog to control in your house in a couple of days.

This Documentary and course includes:

  • 6 Hours of Video Lessons

  • Key skills and drills

  • Bonus video resources

  • Access to never-before-seen content!

  • Free Streaming Gift 1 - Remember when companies used to rent out entire movie theaters and "sponsor" a movie night for their best clients? That's what I'm doing for you by releasing our newest (and oldest) course. Yes, for real.  PLEASE SHARE THIS!

    Background: Back in 2017, I (Solid K9 Tech Support) met up with Jeff and pitched him with the following idea: "Let's find a real family, with a dog that is a real problem, and is causing real consequences for that family."

    We put out a casting call on social media and a few days later we had our family. The result (and what I'm sharing with you) is part documentary and part instructional course. To my knowledge, this is the earliest known online course Solid K9 Training has ever produced. BUT... only a few people have ever seen this video series.

    Step 1: Watch This Video First - Video from SK9 Support explaining the background behind this 2017 SolidK9 mini documentary and training course. Only a few people have ever seen this documentary. SK9 Tech Support explains why he is streaming it to you for FREE:

    -->Step 2: Watch The Intro of the Documentary (35 Mins)
    (watch this anytime, on-demand)

    Step 3: STREAM the rest, on us For FREE
    (available on looped streaming playback until Jeff and Joelle get back in late July)

    Step 4: Please SHARE this page with your friends or anyone who could benefit. I will be adding more streaming content here and on https://tv.solidk9academy.com/

    FAQ about our OTHER courses - Am I in the right place? Can you really help me? etc

    I'm sure you've got questions. Here are the answers to many of the most common questions we get asked.

    What if my dog's breed isn't supposed to heel?

    A: EVERY dog of any breed can learn to walk nicely on a leash. It just takes the proper training and leadership

    But, my dog doesn't LISTEN to anything I say

    A: Your dog will learn to take direction if you follow the protocols in the video series.

    What if my dog isn't food motivated?

    A: You do not have to use food for this training. It teaches how to motivate dogs without food.

    What age does my dog need to be for this?

    A: Dogs 16 weeks and older can benefit from this training, In fact, I recommend you start them out with training sooner rather than later. 

    What kind of prior training does my dog need for this course?

    A: ZERO! Let us show you how to start

    How long will I have access to the course?

    A: You'll have lifetime access to the course. Once you purchase it, it's yours! Due to the digital nature of the course there are no refunds.

    Additional FAQ:

    Q: What's this all about?
    A: This course and mini documentary are being offered to the Solid K9 audience for FREE for the next couple of weeks (while Jeff and Joelle are away!)

    Testimonials and Feedback

    Don't take our word for it. Take a look here or look at our testimonials at the link on the top of this page.

    -Kristen O

    "It's SO helpful! Nice to be able to rewind and replay certain tips. It's like having Jeff in my house!"

    -Michelle L

    "Started the videos and will recommend to my clients. So easy for them to understand! Thanks Jeff!" -

    -Sunshine T

    "Love how the dog makes mistakes and you guide him through the process. Nobody else shows that." -

    -Kelly A

    "Best purchase. A no-nonsense approach to training. Teaching me how to be a better teacher for the path I want my dog to follow."

    -Murph M

    "Fantastic. I'm having fun learning and you make it very clear/straight forward."

    -Tricia K

    "These courses are amazing! Now I have more things to really get my skills where they need to be to do better for my dogs. Thank you Jeff for taking the time to expand on content and help the masses!"

    Imagine where you could be just a few days from now: Building confidence and connection, eliminating unwanted puppy behaviors and more. 

    Raving Reviews

    Here's what other students are raving about the course

    "Our skills grew fast..."

    "You are amazing! I got your training program and I can now walk my dog who has high prey drive around squirrels and rabbits without getting my arm pulled out of its socket! She just walks by them. We need more trainers like you!" -Cindy and Roscoe

    Cindy and Roscoe

    "thank you!"

    "I was afraid to go out in public with my dog for years before taking this course. I would always have to put her in another room when guests came over and it was all barking and scratching. I'm crying with joy . I did the work like you said and it worked. Thank you . thank you. thank you"

    Sally P

    "Just what I needed."

    "Just got the Green to Graduate. Going through the videos and I love the breakdowns and CONSTANT reminders. Greatly appreciate all the work/time you and your crew put into making these videos for us, so we and our dogs can finally start to live outside of our bubble. Hugs for you and your wonderful staff!"

    Terry G

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    You owe it to your dog and you owe it to yourself. Get started today!

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