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 A LIVE problem solving seminar for ANXIOUS dogs.

How much better would your life be if you could -eliminate- the destructive behavior?

Dog Separation Anxiety SOLUTIONS

I'm ready to be done with separation anxiety with my dog!. Sign me up!

Meet the dog we will be working with in this course 

Snack's Story: Snack is a dog with extreme separation anxiety and very destructive behaviors. Here's what his owner has to say:

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Stop allowing your dog’s behavior to control your life. 

Dogs that break out of crates, harm themselves in the process, and who can’t be left alone for even ten minutes are not only a risk to themselves, but the people who live with them, too.

"A well trained dog and a well behaved dog are two entirely different things. A trained dog will do what you ask, but a behaved dog? They will make good choices on their own."

This behavior is called separation anxiety, and Every. Single. Day. We are getting DMs, emails, and comments about how much this behavior is destroying peoples’ (and dogs’) lives. 

I haven’t been able to go on a date night with my s/o since we got this dog.”

I had to pull my kids from extra-curricular activities because we can’t leave the dog home alone.”

My dog destroys the crate when left alone, and hurts himself in the process. If he’s not crated, he WILL eat the window frames.”

Our dog will howl and bark so loud, my landlord is threatening to evict me.”

These are REAL stories.

This is how separation anxiety is affecting families around the world. 

It’s heartbreaking, and we understand how much pain and stress this ONE issue can cause. We put it at the top of the “most painful to live with” list— above aggression, believe it or not.

There is no escaping separation anxiety when you’re in the thralls of it. It’s a problem that spills over to every part of your life.

That’s why when people describe It…it’s often accompanied by the words: “suffering” “struggle” “desperation” “trapped” It’s a crappy way to live with your dog…

And we don’t want that for anyone. 

But life doesn’t need to be that way. Despite what the internet tells you, this behavior can be modified, and it’s possible for you to get your life (and your peace of mind) back

Inside Separation Anxiety Solutions, you’ll join Jeff, Joelle, and Courtney of Solid K9 Training, to learn the exact training protocols and methods that are savings dogs from the prison of separation anxiety. Dogs just like yours.

As a dog owner, you deserve to have a dog that can live happily and peacefully in your home!

Your dog should be confident enough to calmly relax and self soothe on its own—whether you’re gone for 5 minutes or a couple of hours.  

No dog should require 24/7 supervision. It’s not realistic, and most of us have jobs, kids, and other life events to put our time into. 

But if you you’re knee deep with a dog who is running your household and your life, you might feel like that’s impossible at the moment.

And you might be struggling trying a hundred different methods, a hundred ways, only to keep getting the same result: a dog that’s a danger to itself and your house. 

So how do you help your dog get past this behavior?

If you’re searching endlessly for solutions, or don’t even know WHERE to begin…

Be encouraged.


You just need proven methods to push you in the right direction and get you RESULTS, that’s exactly what you’ll find inside of Separation Anxiety Solutions. 

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Jeff Gellman, the guy with the hair that works with those insane dogs. I got my start in dog training 20ish years ago when I owned a wildly out of control dog myself. His name was Max, and he was large, powerful and had a lot of bad behaviors. He was making my life a living hell, and it felt like nobody could help me at all. That was until I finally met THE ONE trainer who looked me dead in the eye and said “you can tell your dog “no”, Jeff.”

And that was the day everything changed. I was able to stop all of my dog’s horrific behaviors rather quickly, and actually train him up to be one of the coolest dogs I’ve ever owned. He became my sidekick in mountain climbing, biking, and even my demo dog when I created a dog training business of my own (hello Solid K9 Training.) Max was the first “why” behind everything I do today.

I currently own and operate an exclusive, boutique style dog training center in Bradenton, Florida. I rehab and train dogs from all around the country and even traveled for 5 years holding dog training seminars around the world. When I say I have worked with the worst of the worst behavioral cases, I truly mean it. I own a highly successful virtual dog training company where I can put my passion into video format to help even MORE people who can’t reach me geographically. 

I also held dog training seminars around the world. Throughout my career, I have worked with tens of thousands of dogs and humans, and I know firsthand how lack of training can affect the quality of life for both ends of the leash. Between my free social media content, virtual one-on-one work, seminars, and in-person training, I have kept countless dogs in their homes who were on their last chance. 

I have always wanted to find a way to help EVEN more families and their dogs. There is such a need for dog training that works, and so I created this course. My Green to Graduate series addresses one of the most common pain points I see people struggling with- lack of training overall! So many folks are struggling to get their dogs to do the basics, so I wanted to create courses that truly covers it all. 

Jeff Gellman

This simple and easy-to-follow video series will get you on the path to better walks, better obedience, and a better lifestyle with your pet for the long run. You'll finally be able to live life with your dog exactly as you imagined, and the best part is, you'll be there in 4 weeks or less.

-Jeff Gellman 

We know the struggle is real out there with SA. So we will be putting everything we’ve got into this course with 20+ years of experience under our belts. 

We’ve worked with dogs who destroy kennels, break teeth, rip out toenails, and wreak havoc on their owners’ lives with separation issues—and we’ve got the tools, methods, and information (and creativity) to turn it around. 

We’ve never shown our protocols for separation anxiety on video before. This is a first for us. And the dog who we will be training in the course displays ALL of the behavior above ^.

We know what an impact this course is going to have not only on the dogs, but on the PEOPLE who are suffering in silence, too. 

For the first time ever, Jeff and Joelle will all be working together in a course to show the exact process behind how we resolve separation anxiety with a dog who self mutilates, breaks out of crates, destroys the house, and has put a halt to his owners’ social life.

Inside Separation Anxiety Solutions, you’ll get in depth training that you can apply to your own dog, in real life.

When you join Separation Anxiety Solutions you’ll…

  • Learn how to eliminate arousal, incessant whining, and non stop barking inside the crate

  • Learn our processes for stopping all crate breaking and self destructive behaviors

  • Receive step by step coaching on how to set up training protocols that address your dog’s state of mind (even when you’re not home.)

  • Learn our tried and true methods for creating calmness within the home, within the kennel, and within your dog’s MIND

  • Understand how you LIVE with your dog effects everything as far as your dog’s behavior is concerned

Watch this video of Joelle detailing what you get with the Fast-Action Bonus. You’ll…

  • Learn how to muzzle condition your dog with our Muzzle Conditioning course ($99 value)

  • Recordings of Our 2023 Live Two-Day Leash Reactivity Seminar

  • Unlock the Masterclass Vault, where you’ll have access to FIVE of our best-selling live classes from 2023 ($997 value):

  • Walk Mastery LIVE where you’ll learn to teach a perfect on and off leash heel

  • Leadership LIVE where we break down our most impactful leadership exercises

  • Day 1 behind the scenes with a Client Dog LIVE

  • How to Walk a Pack of Dogs LIVE

  • Our exclusive “How To Work With A Biting Dog” masterclass where we teach our exact protocols on how to stop resource guarding within the home with a dangerous dog

Here’s what you’ll learn inside of Separation Anxiety Solutions:

Part 1: eliminating arousal to get your dog ready to learn

Part 2: generalizing this training to every part of your dog’s life, including inside your home and out. We will teach you how to have a dog that is calm when told to do so. 

Part 3: setting up real life protocols like leaving the house, and preparing your dog for success (and what to do if things go sideways)

Part 4: Troubleshooting. We know dog training is a roller coaster, and it’s not uncommon to have days that feel like a “set back.” You’ll learn exactly how we work through these scenarios and see the “messy middle” of training that isn’t being shown out there on social media. 

Every module is in order, so that you can follow the process in the most effective way. 

This is your one stop shop for stopping separation anxiety in its tracks, and helping your dog get out of this unhealthy headspace permanently. 

And you’ll get it all for just $197 presale pricing!

For a program worth more than $2500

Testimonials and Feedback

Don't take our word for it. Take a look here or look at our testimonials at the link on the top of this page.

-Kristen O

"It's SO helpful! Nice to be able to rewind and replay certain tips. It's like having Jeff in my house!"

-Michelle L

"Started the videos and will recommend to my clients. So easy for them to understand! Thanks Jeff!" -

-Sunshine T

"Love how the dog makes mistakes and you guide him through the process. Nobody else shows that." -

-Kelly A

"Best purchase. A no-nonsense approach to training. Teaching me how to be a better teacher for the path I want my dog to follow."

-Murph M

"Fantastic. I'm having fun learning and you make it very clear/straight forward."

-Tricia K

"These courses are amazing! Now I have more things to really get my skills where they need to be to do better for my dogs. Thank you Jeff for taking the time to expand on content and help the masses!"

Raving Reviews

Here's what other students are raving about the course

"Our skills grew fast..."

"You are amazing! I got your training program and I can now walk my dog who has high prey drive around squirrels and rabbits without getting my arm pulled out of its socket! She just walks by them. We need more trainers like you!" -Cindy and Roscoe

Cindy and Roscoe

"thank you!"

"I was afraid to go out in public with my dog for years before taking this course. I would always have to put her in another room when guests came over and it was all barking and scratching. I'm crying with joy . I did the work like you said and it worked. Thank you . thank you. thank you"

Sally P

"Just what I needed."

"Just got the Green to Graduate. Going through the videos and I love the breakdowns and CONSTANT reminders. Greatly appreciate all the work/time you and your crew put into making these videos for us, so we and our dogs can finally start to live outside of our bubble. Hugs for you and your wonderful staff!"

Terry G

When you join Separation Anxiety Solutions, you’ll get: 

    -The Muzzle Conditioning course

    -Walk Mastery LIVE where you’ll learn to teach a perfect on and off leash heel

    -Leadership LIVE where we break down our most impactful leadership exercises

    -Day 1 behind the scenes with a Client Dog LIVE

    -How to Walk a Pack of Dogs LIVE

    -our exclusive “How To Work With A Biting Dog” masterclass where we teach our exact protocols on how to stop resource guarding within the home with a dangerous dog

($997 value)

-90 minute Q+A with Jeff and Joelle ($600 value)

-Weekend Problem Solving Seminar Course ($197 value)

And in case you were wondering…

Q: Is this course right for me? 

A: this course is for EVERY dog who struggles with whining, self destructive behavior, inability to be alone, and even destroying the house. There is so much to learn, and likely some very simple changes you can make that will change everything for you!

Q: How do you know this training works and that is will work for me? That it’s not just you, because you have years of experience?

A: I wouldn’t call something proven if it’s only worked for me, one time. The training I teach inside this course has worked on tens of thousands of my client dogs—around the world. If you commit to applying what you learn, and trying things that might not be familiar to you, but could get you the results you want, this program will work for you. 

Q: I’m exhausted. I’ve tried everything…what makes this any different?

A: I’m so sorry. I get it. Almost every single one of my clients comes to me after spending thousands and wasting time on training that doesn’t yield results. I wouldn’t wish this feeling on anyone. However, what if everything you’ve been trying just isn’t the “right” method? This is a self paced program, so no rush to consume it all in one day. Try it one module at a time. I promise you’ll make improvements. If not, shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to offer another solution. [email protected]

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