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Whether you own a dog that is struggling with touch-reactivity, or you work with dogs that display this behavior, I am going to teach you the counter-conditioning method that we have successfully rehabbed thousands of dogs around the world with inside of this workshop.

Leadership and 


Is your dog not a fan of being touched around its head, paws, or certain areas of the body? Tired of it being a full out battle trying to just get a leash on? Learn our proven methods for working with some of the most difficult dogs out there, and watch how we transform them from unruly to well-mannered. Enter your email to view the replay below or check out the full course HERE 👈


How to stop bad behavior

This is step one with our counter-conditioning process. You can't teach a dog that is not receptive to the information. 

How to stay safe  

If you work with dangerous dogs, safety protocols must be taken. We will cover how to safely implement the training, even if your dog has a history of biting. 

How to change the association

The main goal of our counter-conditioning protocol is to create long-term success. You will learn how to change your dog's thought processes.


There is Q+A AT THE END!

Let me answer your questions and address anything that might be stopping you from working through your dog's touch-reactivity and creating a better relationship through training. 

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This training is for you, if:

  • You're ready to finally get your dog over their reactivity around touch

  • You've tried higher value treats, bartering, and every "trick" out there...yet you still don't fully trust your dog when it comes to certain scenarios. 

  • You want to be able to trim your dogs nails, or brush them, even put a simple leash on without it feeling like a chore


Hi, my name is Jeff Gellman, owner of Solid K9 Training. I've been training dogs for over twenty years, and I also hold dog training seminars around the world. Throughout my career, I have worked with tens of thousands of dogs and humans, and I know firsthand how lack of training can affect the quality of life for both ends of the leash. Between my free social media content, virtual one-on-one work, seminars, and in-person training, I have kept countless dogs in their homes who were on their last chance. 

I have always wanted to find a way to help EVEN more families and their dogs. There is such a need for dog training that works, and so I created this LIVE training to help as many people and dogs as possible. So many folks are struggling to get their dogs to do the basics, so I wanted to create a training that covers how to get your dog started, even though it might feel impossible for you right now. 

Save Your Free Seat