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This $97 LIVE Workshop is FREE Seriously.

From time to time, Jeff, Joelle or our partners can give away our courses as a way to say "thank you."
Looks like someone just said "thank you" to you!

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How we work with a biting dog who is on her last chance!

In this 90-minute Live Zoom workshop, we will work with a known biting dog to show you the causes of biting and also address how we build a relationship with a biting dog. Is it even possible?

Cora, our board and train dog is on her last chance, her owners can't handle the behavior on their own and reached out to us to help.

Sign up now and attend the live session to ask Q&A as we teach. Cant make it live? No problem, the recordings will be added to your account for free even if you can't make the live session.

As a bonus, you will also receive access to recordings of our previous LIVE workshop where we successfully worked with another biting dog.  

As a dog owner or dog trainer, you do not have to tolerate biting behavior as a result of resource guarding or aggression.

You CAN do this. 

This course includes:

  • 1.5 Hour of Video Lessons

  • Key skills and drills

  • Recording of workshop & Bonus video resources

  • Access to weekly Q&A

  • Start Learning

    The Transformation - What You Will Learn

  • What a biting dog "looks like"

  • How to STOP aggression before it starts

  • Bad biting behavior is even a problem with "smaller" dogs

  • How to read your dog's body language and how it reads yours!

  • Course Instruction by

    Jeff Gellman

    Jeff has rehabbed over 10,000 dogs in the past 20 years. He has conducted over 300 seminars in countries around the world. 

    Start Learning

    Your Dog Just Tried to Bite Me!

    “My dog resource guards me.”

    “I’m afraid to have guests over.”

    “My dog is becoming a liability.”

    Does any of this sound familiar?

    You’re not alone…

    …Unfortunately SO many dogs out there are struggling with aggression in one way or another.

    They are creating a prison for their owners because they can’t have people over, and they certainly can’t take their dogs out. 

    This leaves a lot of dog owners feeling isolated and oftentimes hopeless. 

    But what if I told you it doesn’t have to be that way?

    After training and rehabbing tens of thousands of aggressive dogs, we know a thing or two about stopping this behavior and training dogs to become the BEST versions of themselves. 

    Believe it or not, aggression is typically created from TOO much love, TOO much freedom, and not enough boundaries or structure in the dog’s life. 

    So you might already have a dog that’s displaying this behavior…so now what??

    We are hosting a FREE LIVE training on September 1 at 1pm EST to show you exactly where you can begin. 

    We will be walking you through one of the many protocols we put into place when working with dangerous dogs. 

    Our current board and train, Cora, is a well practiced biter, and she’s on her last chance. It is up to us. 

    Let us show you how we are turning her behavior around, addressing the root causes of her issues, and implementing fool-proof safety protocols for when she goes back home. 

    We have used these methods successfully with SO many dogs throughout the years. Let us give you a gigantic head start, and show you how effective the right training can be. 

    The best part? It’s TOTALLY free!! 

    That’s how much we want you to win! 

    (And if you can’t make it live, no worries, the recording is yours forever)

    What you Get:

    Here is what is included:

    -60 to 90 minute LIVE zoom training ($250 value)

    -Open Q+A where we go for as long as your questions come in ($250 value)

    -Our tried and true “out” protocol that we use for aggression cases ($500 value)

    -Recording of our prior workshop "How to create a relationship with a biting dog" where we demonstrate how we approach biting in a slightly less aggressive dog. We are including this to show that YOU CAN DO THIS TOO, no matter the dog. 

    -Between the recordings and the live workshop on Sept 1st, you will learn the steps to integrate an aggressive dog into your daily life and have SUCCESS (priceless)

    You might be thinking, "My dog is different. Who are you and how can you help me?

    Meet Your Instructor

    Hi, my name is Jeff Gellman, owner of Solid K9 Training. I've been training dogs for over twenty years, and I also hold dog training seminars around the world. Throughout my career, I have worked with tens of thousands of dogs and humans, and I know firsthand how lack of training can affect the quality of life for both ends of the leash. Between my free social media content, virtual one-on-one work, seminars, and in-person training, I have kept countless dogs in their homes who were on their last chance. 

    I have always wanted to find a way to help EVEN more families and their dogs. There is such a need for dog training that works, and so I created this course. My Walk the Walk course addresses one of the most common pain points I see people struggling with, a calm & structured walk! So many folks are struggling to get their dogs to do the basics, so I wanted to create an introductory course that covers the structured walk.

    Jeff Gellman

    This simple and easy-to-follow video series will get you on the path to better walks, better obedience, and a better lifestyle with your pet for the long run. You'll finally be able to live life with your dog exactly as you imagined, and the best part is, you'll be there in 4 weeks or less.

    -Jeff Gellman 

    FAQ - Am I in the right place? Can you really help me? etc.

    I'm sure you've got questions. Here are the answers to many of the most common questions we get asked.

    What if my dog is to stubborn to train?

    A: EVERY dog of any breed can be trained. It just takes the proper methodology and leadership

    My dog doesn't listen to me

    A: Your dog will learn to take direction if you follow the protocols in the video series.

    What if my dog isn't food motivated?

    A: You do not have to use food for this training. It teaches how to motivate dogs without food, but we do include a "how to build food drive" video for free!

    What age does my dog need to be for this?

    A: Dogs 16 weeks and older can benefit from this training, In fact, I recommend you start them out with training sooner rather than later. 

    What if my dog has no prior training?

    A: Your dog can be totally "green" with zero leash skills and still make incredible progress with this course. Off-leash freedom IS within reach.

    How long will I have access to the course?

    A: You'll have lifetime access to the course. Once you purchase it, it's yours! Due to the digital nature of the course there are no refunds.

    Will my dog be able to go to crowded places / events with me?

    A: Your dog's capabilities lie in the work you put in. Dog training is a never-ending process and should be kept up with/improved upon throughout the life of the dog. The places you are able to take your dog depend entirely on how much effort you wish to put into training.

    Do I have to use a prong collar & remote collar?

    A: I am a huge advocate for remote collar training as it allows the safest and most reliable form of off leash communication with your dog. If you want to learn how we achieve off leash training, we do recommend both prong and E collars for this course. 

    What if my dog's breed is not supposed to heel?

    A: EVERY dog of any breed can learn to walk nicely on a leash. It just takes the proper training and leadership

    How quickly can I see results

    A: Watch the videos and practice for an hour. You will see immediate results. Consistency and structure are the key to maintaining those results.

    Testimonials and Feedback

    Don't take our word for it. Take a look here or look at our testimonials at the link on the top of this page.

    -Kristen O

    "It's SO helpful! Nice to be able to rewind and replay certain tips. It's like having Jeff in my house!"

    -Michelle L

    "Started the videos and will recommend to my clients. So easy for them to understand! Thanks Jeff!" -

    -Sunshine T

    "Love how the dog makes mistakes and you guide him through the process. Nobody else shows that." -

    -Kelly A

    "Best purchase. A no-nonsense approach to training. Teaching me how to be a better teacher for the path I want my dog to follow."

    -Murph M

    "Fantastic. I'm having fun learning and you make it very clear/straight forward."

    -Tricia K

    "These courses are amazing! Now I have more things to really get my skills where they need to be to do better for my dogs. Thank you Jeff for taking the time to expand on content and help the masses!"

    Imagine where you could be a week from now: casually and calmly walking your dog through the neighborhood, maybe even taking them to a local coffee shop! Can you see both you and your dog having the best time together without that constant anxiety looming over your shoulder about when the next dog or squirrel will appear? 

    When you sign up for my Walk the Walk series, this CAN be a reality for you. You can have a better walk, and it does not have to take forever. . 

    Raving Reviews

    Here's what other students are raving about the course

    "Our skills grew fast..."

    "You are amazing! I got your training program and I can now walk my dog who has high prey drive around squirrels and rabbits without getting my arm pulled out of its socket! She just walks by them. We need more trainers like you!" -Cindy and Roscoe

    Cindy and Roscoe

    "thank you!"

    "I was afraid to go out in public with my dog for years before taking this course. I would always have to put her in another room when guests came over and it was all barking and scratching. I'm crying with joy . I did the work like you said and it worked. Thank you . thank you. thank you"

    Sally P

    "Just what I needed."

    "Just got the Green to Graduate. Going through the videos and I love the breakdowns and CONSTANT reminders. Greatly appreciate all the work/time you and your crew put into making these videos for us, so we and our dogs can finally start to live outside of our bubble. Hugs for you and your wonderful staff!"

    Terry G

    I feel like this guy saves lives. I had a crazy black lab who lived in the woods on his own for 18 months. I 'rescued' him and gave him a good life. He pulled me all over. 100lbs strong dog. I took him to TWO obedience schools and no improvement. Jeff taught me how to use a prong collar. Amazing, immediate change. He passed away a few weeks ago, his final years were amazing. I was so proud to walk him. It was safe to go out with him. Thank you Jeff. Without your help he would have pulled me down in traffic, or i would have put him down because he was crazy. He lived another 8 years, but they were good years, with your guidance.

    Annie B


    I've had compliments from my neighbors about how much my dog has changed since implementing the skills I follow through Solid K9 Training. The skills you can learn from JUST the video content is amazing. If you just take the content and do basic drills with the crate, thresholds, and basic 180 maneuver, you will see a change in behavior in minutes. I took a nervous, anxious dog, and now he is more confident and listens better with all the structure I've put in place. What Jeff teaches doesn't just help the dog, it helps the owners understand and implement it every day without a trainer by your side. Thank you for all the content!

    Tricia C


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