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 A LIVE problem solving seminar for unruly dogs

"Calm On Command" Free Zoom Dog Training: 

If you think "My dog could never (ignore the delivery guy, not pull the leash, go off-leash, etc)" You need to be on this call. You and your dog can do this. Watch this video to discover how to avoid the most common mistakes dog owners and trainers make when training dogs. This is LIVE training and will take place on Dec 8, 2023 at 4PM EST. Save your Spot, Register for FREE now!

LIVE Dec 8, 2023 04:00 PM EST 

How much better would your life be if you could make your dog "calm on command?" You don't have to wonder.

Sign up for the FREE live Zoom session and see firsthand how to create calm on command with even the most difficult dogs.

Is your dog trained, yet still acting out and creating chaos around any sort of stimuli? 

If so, keep reading. We’ll give you the details on why this is happening…

There is a huge difference between obedience training and behavior when it comes to our dogs. A well trained dog will do what you ask them to do, but a well behaved dog will want to make good decisions on their own. 

The problem is, it’s EASY to train your dog commands. 99% of the dogs that come to us already have baseline training, but that’s not enough to keep them out of trouble. We understand that there are levels to training, and throughout the last 20 years of working with difficult dogs, we have found that state of mind is the most important part of any training program.

This is the part, though, that most trainers and owners are missing. And that’s exactly what we’re going to tech you in this FREE Creating Calmness masterclass. 

Here at Solid K9 Training, we specialize in creating “calmness on command.” We’ve done it successfully tens of thousands of times, with dogs all around the world. We’ve mastered the art of training well rounded family dogs over the last two decades. 

There are no dogs that are considered “too difficult” for us to train, and our methods not only make the dog’s lives better, but their owners are able to upgrade their quality of life tenfold through training as well.

There is no reason why your dog should be stopping you from doing the things you enjoy, and the things you got a dog for in the first place!

You shouldn’t have to skip out on social events, or stop having company over, or leave your dog home to miss out on excursions because they whine, bark, and freak out around every little distraction.


Life with a dog should be enjoyable. Your dog should have the skill set to self-soothe, hang out, and be a part of your life! Isn’t that what we get dogs for??

If you’re living with a dog that is “trained” yet still causing a lot of drama and stress for you, then our Calmness on Command Masterclass is for you. We will teach you the EXACT protocols we use to train every single dog we work with to be calm when told to be. 

This doesn’t mean we will be “taking away your dog’s personality or drive” that’s just not possible!! Instead, we’ll be teaching your dog an amazing “off switch” so that when it’s time to chill out and relax, they actually have the necessary skills to do so.


You might be thinking “I exercise my dog so much, and I give them so many outlets, why are they still acting so out of control?” It’s because you cannot possibly exercise your dog into becoming better behaved. All you’re doing is creating an athlete—A high strung athlete who still needs training! 

Calmness on Command is a skillset that every dog can learn, and we’re going to teach it to you, step by step with a HIGH strung Malinois, who’s with us for the same exact reasons!

You’ll be able to watch it live, without any editing or removing the parts where things get challenging, to see how fast and simple this process can really be. 

The information you will learn from this masterclass will not only transfer to your dog, but EVERY dog you own in the future. You will walk away with knowledge that will help you be successful for the long term, well after we’re done working together. 

Imagine a day where you wake up, your dog is calmly lying down waiting for your morning walk or routine, you’re able to have guests over the house without it becoming a huge ordeal around the dog, and you can finally just ENJOY your dog without feeling all the pent up frustration you’re used to having. 

Your entire relationship with your dog can change with the right communication and the right training in place

We can’t wait to show you how to get there!! 

Sign up and join us LIVE for our FREE Creating Calmness Masterclass.